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"I have tried every product that promises to kill bed bugs but nothing worked. I came across this and decided to try it... I was amazed it works! Thank you BugTerminator you saved my sanity"

AYODELE. O - Customer
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July 11, 2023

FINALLY! The Perfect Dedicated Bed Bug Killer For Every Home, Office and hotel!

Bed bugs are commonly found in our environments and are known for being sneaky hitchhikers.

They can easily catch a ride on clothing, bags and luggage and take up residence in your home.

These parasites feed on people and animals’ blood at night, and while they are not known to spread disease, their bites can cause itching and even allergic reactions.

Don’t let your family lose sleep over these frightening pests. Turn to the mid-Missouri bed bug exterminators at BugOut Pest Control!

Get rid of these demons that causes nightmare without using harmful chemical fogging or repellent lotions with BugTerminator™


BugTerminator™ is effective in getting rid of Resistant Bed Bugs & Their Eggs – Kills even the toughest “pyrethroid resistant” bed bugs and eggs that have built up a resistance to traditional pesticides immediately.

What Makes BugTerminator™ Different

BugTerminator Kills Resistant Bed Bugs & Their Eggs - Kills even the toughest "pyrethroid resistant" bed bugs and eggs that have built up a resistance to traditional pesticides - Anywhere, Anytime.

BugTerminator™ Long-lasting effect…Remains active for up to 6 months after application (this is especially good if surrounding houses also have bedbugs!).

BugTerminator™ Gets Rid Of Bed Bugs, Nymphs, and Eggs…FAST Action!

Kills bed bug adults, nymphs and dries up eggs Even Kills tough resistant strains of bed bugs

Why BugTerminator™ Is The Best

Generic Product
PREMIUM QUALITY PESTICIDE…Exclusive For Bedbugs Eradication!
No Odor & Eco Friendly
Very mild smell…(No toxic smell. Safe)
Formulated Using Natural Oils
Long Time Efficacy and Lasting For 6 Months
Kills Crawling and Flying Insects.
30 Day Risk Free Guarantee
1-Year Warranty
Free Shipping
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Verified buyer -

"I want to let you know what an amazing product you have it worked from day one. I woke up bite free after six months. Even a professional exterminator couldn't get rid of them. Thank you so much"

Verified buyer -

I’m still amazed at how it killed it with one spray. It took a few weeks and a couple sprays but I can sleep in my bed again. Yes It Really Works

Verified buyer -

So far so good! Just started using it and I seem some bugs and sprayed it on them and watched them die. I'm so use to waking up scratching in the middle of the night and can't wait to sleep throughout the night again ! Thanks will be ordering more! - 6/23/2023

Verified buyer -

I purchased your product and was afraid that it wouldn’t actually work. I sprayed my bed and walls and didn’t go in just yet but waited for a week or two. Then just this week I reclaimed my living space and noticed something strange. Normally these creatures are fast to run from you but Instead I noticed them moving very sluggish. Then in just four days I went from seeing four sluggish bugs on day one on my bed to two on day two then non on day three and four and have gotten sleep from that time on that II so needed. I have already been telling others about this

BugTerminator is a Residual Pest Control That Kills & Prevents Re-Infestations

Field Tested In A 12 Month Study

This unique formula is designed to not only kills pests but prevent re-infestations due to it’s dry residual that is left on the surface. The residual continually kills pests and is non harmful to children, pets or adults.


Our bed bug Terminator uses plant extracted ingredients that burn the outer shell of bugs.

Our plant based formula attacks the neuron receptors that only exist in insects.

Our formula starts working on contact and works for up to 30 days.


We believe in our products! Therefore we proudly offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don’t see results! We strive to offer you a piece of mind and a better quality of life and a restful night’s sleep. Purchase our Bed BugTerminator now to start winning the bed bug war!

Verified Buyers Review

Verified buyer -

Please can you make my subscription to every other month please I love ur product it works great!! Have a great day!! Please just let me know if u can't it's ok I will keep with the subscription I have!! But I've been using less but still spraying every 2 days I really love this product!!!

Verified buyer -

This stuff is killer--Seriously. Bought 2 bottles and gave them to a relative who had what I considered an infestation. (You could see those suckers walking around wherever you went in the house) This is someone who could not afford the expense of an exterminator but I thought it might help a little. She used them and got GREAT results. I'm sure at some point it will be necessary to follow up to prevent further problems but this product made a very significant difference.

Verified buyer -

Just wanted you to know, As of today I am happy with results of using the 32oz spray. My cats have had no effects from using the product and am very happy about that.

Verified buyer -

I have purchased and used the 32 oz spray bottle to battle the bed bugs. I like that the spray has a "residual" meaning it keeps killing for 30 days. I had bought another simiiar product but it only killed on contact. So, I bought the BugTerminator instead after seeing your ad on the Facebook pages one day. Somehow, my husband brought home the bugs on his clothing and we didn't know the bed was infected until he started getting bit. These bugs are really tenacious. I followed the instructions sent to me by your company. The first night we only saw a few bugs (about 5 or 10) sprayed them and they died. We thought we were done, but the next night they went into the "panic mode" and they were all over the bed. So we sprayed again, much more thoroughly, walls, drawers, behind the pictures and the wooden bed frame as well as the bed and the piping where you suggested they like to hide and they did, as suggested in the instructions given. Now about 3 days later, we haven't seen any live bugs but until we're sure the little creatures are all completly dead and gone we're not using that bedroom. I plan to use your advice, daily for a week, then 3 times a week, then 2 times, then one time and then monthly after that. so I've also bought another spray bottle plus the gallon size. I've never had to deal with bed bugs before and I really like that your product is safe for pets, as I have 4 dogs, and that it can be sprayed on clothing in the closets without staining or harming the clothes and on the curtains and drapes. There is no smell to the product either which is nice. (My hubby can smell just about anything and he said there's no smell.) Hopefully by the end of the week we will be bed bug free. The only thing I wish your company would do is have faster shipping.

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Verified buyer -

So far so good. I haven't had any new bites in 3 days. I never saw any bugs just had the bites but I am spraying every three days. Sue hoping that this stuff really works. - 8/01/2022

Verified buyer -

I sprayed 5 rooms killed all bedbugs except in main bedroom couldn't the nest so there few still in that room. So i liked the spray for most of the part did its job

Verified buyer -

Dead Bed Bug on Day One! I just powered my bedroom and found a dead bed bug a few hours later. It worked quicker then 48 hours. I'm so happy this product works.

Verified buyer -

I have a mild case I caught it early but this stuff has helped me see way less bugs and I'm finding them dead more than alive. Not an overnight fix but has helped alot.

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